Monday, July 9, 2018

Baby fix

As often happens when time is short and hearts are close, I forget to take as many pictures as I want.  As a visual learner, pictures help me cement special moments in my mind.  Our time with the precious Cody family this weekend was WAY too short.

Benjamin has long been called the "baby-whisperer" in our house, and he proved his worth once again.  Growing up living at close quarters with families of all ages and stages, our kids are used to having little ones around and have really been missing the opportunities to interact with small people.  Me, too.

What a delight to enjoy even brief snippets of time together, to share food and fellowship, to clean up the dishes, and to talk about joys and burdens and what God has been doing in our lives.  

Aaron and the girls got to visit with the Cody and Huntley families earlier this year, but I hadn't seen either family in way too long.  

And now the Huntleys have added sweet baby Ruby to their family.  We've found that people who serve in Bible translation tend to have soft hearts that are authentic and transparent.  

Earlier this week, when I texted Ruth to ask if I could swing by and hug her neck on the weekend, I had no idea she had birthed a baby only hours before.  Nevertheless, her sweet family briefly opened their door to us (even though we could have soaked up their sweet spirits all day long), and I got a sweet baby fix, too!  

As we left, one of their sons piped up and asked, "When are we going to see you next?"  Before I could answer, he responded to his own question.  "Maybe in a couple of years!"  And we all nodded to this wise third-culture-kid who already knows that God connects our hearts over time and distance.

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