Friday, July 27, 2018

More Adventures with DJ

We've just been enjoying one little adventure after another while DJ is here.

 Wooly Hollow gave us a great chance to enjoy the water and to grill some hamburgers.

And since DJ says she gets more "nature" in just a few days with us than she does all year long, it seemed fitting to take her to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

Followed by a trip to the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum,

where we climbed aboard a submarine, the USS Razorback.

 The guide noticed Benjamin's orchestra t-shirt and asked what instrument Benjamin played.  Then he said he had attended Mills High School and played the cello!  I knew his teacher.  What a small world.

This was the entire galley, where the crew ate all of their meals.  Underneath those covers, the tables have checkers, chess, and backgammon boards.

We climbed back up to the outside world (wish I had thought ahead and NOT worn a dress),

and moseyed on over to the museum.

My favorite item in the museum was the USS Arkansas'  beautiful communion set donated by a church in New York.  

Beauty plus function equals perfection.

In the gift shop, we found a t-shirt that should be what each Solomon Island village team wears as we get on the boat early in the morning on our way back out to our village homes.  "I love the smell of diesel in the morning" might just become our new slogan.

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