Friday, July 6, 2018

Music to accompany today's Friday Favorite Five is something I've found myself humming a lot lately, Let the Words of My Mouth Bring You Praise.

1)  Velvet Ashes.  A ministry dedicated for women serving overseas.  It's beautiful.  Encouraging.  Challenging.

2)  Cinnamon Roasted Almonds and Cocoa Dusted Almonds.  I know Walmart gets a bad rap, but, y'all, a little handful of either one of these just makes me happy.  They will definitely be going in the suitcase as a treat to take back to the Solomon Islands in a few months.

3)  Ten Questions that Every Expat (or Repat) Parent Should Ask About Their Kids.  This is a great list of questions for any parent, even if they don't have Third Culture Kids, and it's a good idea to ask your kids these questions directly, after you've had a chance to think.

4)  Six Exercises Everyone Should Do.   Simple yet powerful, these exercises are going in my "bag of tricks" to solidify now so I can take them back to the Solomon Islands.  And as soon as I can get one of those big stability balls, I'm adding this plank workout, too.  Although I'm not sure I can climb as quickly as their rate of difficulty, so I'll probably stretch out the fourteen days.  Progress over perfection - good stewardship is the goal!

5)  Free prayer printables from iMom.  I especially love the "10 Mom Prayers" (it's on my bathroom mirror), I pray them for my husband, too.

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