Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008
We found out our village allocation today! From October 23 until Thanksgiving we will be living in the village of Karem with Andrew and Agnes Hurim (and their eight year old son). If you have Google Earth, you can look us up at 4 degrees 46 minutes 187 seconds South and 145 degrees 41 minutes 262 seconds East. We are thrilled to share this village with two other single women. One is a doctor (who has to leave after the first week) and the other is already an adopted part of our family. We actually have a water faucet across the road (although we will still boil all of our water) put in through a water project. We will bathe in the river about 5 minutes away. We have a large, new house built in April. It has three bedrooms and a living area, and we will cook outside over an open fire. Please begin praying that God would provide strong relationships for us during this time, and that we will have tender hearts willing to learn more about this new language and culture.

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Our Tok Pisin evaluation was this morning. Not too many surprises – I understand vocabulary okay, but my grammar stinks! I'm still plodding along with my gracious wasmama each morning during tea with the workers here at POC.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
The kids went on a field trip today to an Entomology Center down the mountain. They got to see all sorts of neat "bugs" that are indigenous to PNG. From Benjamin:
We saw the biggest moth in the world – the Hercules moth. The tiniest moth in the world is so small that you have to look through a microscope to see it, so we did! They had hundreds of beautiful butterflies.

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Anonymous said...

How far is Karem from where you are now?
This is exciting and I pray that all goes well as you continue your experience through the orientation to your new life in the PNG and on to the Solomons. God's speed as you depend on Him daily.

I love each of you