Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grand Bazaar

Friday, July 24
We cooked twelve dozen banana muffins to help raise money for the church's grand bazaar today. People from all over the Western Russells were supposed to come and bring things to sell today, but the weather was very windy, so only people from Marulaon and the village at the other end of our island came. The ocean was so rough that paddling a canoe would have been very difficult. Most people brought food (cooking bananas, umalau, lelenga), but there were also some paddles, mats, and some children's clothes that one of the ladies had made. The urio were hung up with string tied to a pole, and each held their price tag on a piece of cardboard. We just laughed to see their pinchers reflexively holding the price!
The muffins sold out very quickly, and we purchased a mat and a skirt for Katherine. Sarah has made a good friend with a ten year old girl, Harris. Harris is from Marulaon, but she lives and goes to school in Honiara. She is only here for the school holiday, but we're hoping to be able to keep in touch with her while we are in Honiara.

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