Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gela Guys

We are delighting in Naomi and her dad staying in the Solomons for a few weeks.  Not only do we think they are really fun, amazing people, but we are also getting to watch a little bit of the consulting and checking process as they check I & II Peter and Jude this week.

Naomi and I drove into town this morning to do some grocery shopping.  As we were making multiple trips to the car to drop off our fresh produce from Honiara's Central Market, I suddenly realized that we had all of the food we needed for a motu (cooking with hot stones) party:  a big fish, pumpkin greens, dry coconuts, and potatoes.  The only extra supply we needed was firewood.  When Naomi and I meet back in the market, I asked her if she would be interested in throwing a small feast for the Gela team that night.  She was thrilled, even knowing how much work it would take.  As soon as we got all of our groceries unloaded, we began the process of preparing the food and the fire, and by seven o'clock, we were all enjoying a delicious feast in celebration of the completion of I Peter.


Anonymous said...

Someday I'm gonna enjoy one of your motu parties! Sounds awesome.


Bartokhound said...

What time is dinner???