Sunday, September 14, 2014

Selwyn College Fundraiser

Last year, we got to attend Selwyn College's fundraiser to support a couple of students from Marulaon.  Now we have three students who attend this secondary school.  Sarah's friend, Harris, will be graduating from Form 3 in October.

So after the race yesterday, we drove over to the fundraiser where we found all kinds of good things to eat.  We also found a couple of guys from our village.  We tried to buy our food from the Central Province stalls, since the Russell Islands are a part of the Central Province.

Theses two lovely ladies served us the fish and panna (a root crop) with coconut cream that our family chose to eat for lunch. 
On the way home from the fundraiser, Hiva, our translation committee chairman, called to tell us that our family's big rain tank had run dry.  This is the first time we have opened it up to our community.  We felt like having a big tank full of water locked up wasn't the right thing to do when the rest of the tanks in the village were dry.  The woman tending our yard has a key to the tank's lock.  The tank was bulging and full when Aaron left the village a few weeks ago.  Hiva has asked us not to return to the village until the tank has plenty of water in it.  We would appreciate prayers for wisdom in how to utilize our water well and for when to return to Marulaon.


LISA said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls. Praying for rain in Marulaon!!!
I often wonder how I would not feed others if I store food and then there is a shortage. God will bless your kindness to your neighbors.

Bartokhound said...

Sarah and Harris are beautiful, and the photographer is award-winning, too!