Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday, December 22

A little work and a little play.  When we pack and clean the house, we need both of those things to make life work well. 
Benjamin inventoried our stash of medicine so we would know what we need to buy in Honiara to keep our medicine chest stocked well.  We also counted toilet paper rolls, dish soap, cans of diced tomatoes, anything and everything that stays in the village and might need to be replaced in Honiara.

But as much as we need to work, we also need to take time and play together.  So we alternated rounds of golf with packing.  We heard from our director that the ship anticipated coming to Marulaon late on Wednesday afternoon, so our kids went swimming this afternoon, knowing that we could still wash and dry clothes tomorrow.


Kecia said...

Your flexibility is amazing! I've been absent from blog-world for a while, but your pictures and stories are as fascinating as ever. :)

Bartokhound said...

Fondly remembering inventory (Jason mentioned, as I made cinnamon toast this morning, that, "The Choates have more cinnamon than anyone in the world!" Perhaps an exaggeration - and we get that you must stock - but I loved hearing that he knows just how much cinnamon you have in Marulaon Village!)!



Bartokhound said...

Also remembering GOLF! Have enjoyed one game since returning, but it's not the same without AJSBOK!