Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pep in My Step

I think all mamas and teachers must drag a little bit after a wonderful week of playing and resting during Spring Break.  I'm finding it very difficult to muster up any "pep in my step" even after three days of being back in the routine!

So this morning, I decided to play my new favorite tunes Hymned and Hymned Again (until recently, I didn't even know that Bart Millard was the lead singer of Mercy Me).  I love the musical variations on these beloved songs.  Hymns always encourage me and help me turn my mind toward Jesus.  And that's exactly what I need to put some more pep in my step this week.

I also chose to wear my widow's mite pendant today.  Years and years ago, our amazing homeschool curriculum sent me the necklace as a thank you.  I needed the constant reminder to give my last little bit to my family and my students, even when a little bit of pep in my step is all I have to offer.

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quilt'n-mama said...

Love your widow's mite, it is such a great reminder...