Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just a small giveaway this time, and it's a little corny, I know. If you would like to be the first of your friends to own an "I love Solomon Islands" mug, then leave a comment by midnight CST, Friday, October 22.


Adam and Ruth said...

Hey guys,

I love the groovy 60s font. Throw our names in the pot. Always good to read your updates.

-the huntleys

quilt'n-mama said...

What a wonderful mug to have my morning coffee out of:) Put our name in the hat sweet friends!
The CCrew

Nahna said...

I don't think it is corny at all....put our name in the pot and Mother's too. She is the one who would enjoy it the most.

Love you all.

Joanna Allen said...

I use mugs from different places to remind me to pray for them. Put us in the mix!

Love you guys!

Unknown said...

Add us to the list. We love collecting cups.

Beth and Katie Wells

Rockin' Granny said...

Enjoy reading about your family. I am Gaylette's mom and she frequently tells me of your adventures. Will continue to lift you up in prayer. Your work continues to spread Christ's love to the nations.

LISA said...

Someone is going to be praying for you guys EVERY morning, hope it's me. You think this mug is corny because you live there. I do pray for all of you often and I love your new family picture. I have had a package ready to send to you forever...hope to make it to the post office next week. Blessings, friends.