Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aaron

Saturday, we tromped down the hill to wait at the bus stop and make our way into town to celebrate Aaron's birthday.
We're getting pretty good at navigating public transportation here in Brisbane, and it was a quick two bus rides to make our way down to QPAC for the ballet.

A thoughtful friend provided the resources for us to attend "Don Quixote" - I told Aaron the ballet was eye candy. We took in every detail (especially the pit orchestra - ah, the memories). What a treat!

Aaron and I bought our "nice" clothes at a second-hand shop here in Brisbane, and his shoes made it just long enough to get home. We walked home, changed clothes, and then walked to a local bakery where we enjoyed wood-fired pizzas. They had live music since it was a Saturday night, and the restaurant sang happy birthday to my beloved when the cake and its sparkling candles was brought in.

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Kecia said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron!
(Loved your museum pics, too.)