Curtains and Beans

I really like the SITAG house in which we are staying.  It's concrete block walls are cool, we get a great breeze and a great view, the house is big, and there are enough dishes to have company!  But lately, I've endured some uncomfortable nights.  This has been Aaron's solution:

You see the bed on the left?  And the window on the right?  Not much room between the two.  Right now, we are in the beginning of rainy season, and we frequently get squalls blowing through in the middle of the night.  The first indication of the coming wind and rain is when I wake up thinking, "Oh, there's a bug on my arm!".  Then, after waking up a little bit more, I think, "No, it's just one of the kids at the side of the bed."  And finally, I realize, it's the curtain blowing up and down over me.  My sweet, handy-man husband fixed the problem with some clothes pins and bags of beans!  And now I rest much better at night.


Very clever! I love the low-tech and very effective strategy :D
Anonymous said…
Hello Choate family,
I so enjoy reading your blogs and hearing of your life. As a family friend of Naomi, I first started reading these when she was with you and I check in every now and again. I love the way you praise and list the things to be grateful for in your life. A wonderful reminder to all of us of our great Lord.
us5 said…
ingenious! :)

i just found your blog - (from a comment you left on ours some time ago!) and i'm loving it. we share a common mission ;) though i can't talk about it on our site, and the sweetness in your family dynamic is obvious. i look forward to visiting often... thanks! and happy new year!

wishing you restored power,
by grace, barbara
The dB family said…
:o). If only all problems could be solved that simply. Thankful that God is on our side :o).

That's a great solution!
Crystal Jones said…
In the DR people would have ziplock bags full of water with a penny in it hung over the door. They said it keep the flies out. What ever works
Ann said…
I love Aaron's solution! That's awesome!

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