Rainy Day

About midnight, a huge storm blew through our area.  I was so thankful for the beans on the curtains!  It rained the rest of the night, which meant our morning exercise got canceled, but it was a lovely morning to lie in bed a little longer than usual and listen to the rain and feel the coolish breeze.  Great way to start the day, especially when I added a cup of tea and my chronological Bible that Sarah recently returned.

A SITAG colleague, who loves plants and knows so much about them, drove out to the plant nursery with me this morning in the rain.  I found Mary, my friend from the Russells, in fact I got her out of bed!  Mary is always good to practice Lavukaleve with me and help me out when I don't understand what she said.  Mary kept saying thank you over and over, along with things like, "Oh, now my baby can have tea with breakfast because you bought something from me."  She even fixed up a bouquet of cut flowers to take with me.

I wish I had brought the camera, but no pictures could capture the tropical rainforest that emerges on the edge of Honiara.  The rain made everything extra shiny and pretty, too.  After we bought lots of plants (and Mary threw in several for free), my SITAG friend, such a kindred spirit, accompanied me to the Rain Tree Cafe.  This tiny restaurant is a gem.  It sits on the edge of the ocean (in fact we got sprayed by a big wave) and serves amazing food.  They make great pizzas, cooked in their wood burning ovens, but today we just stopped for a mocha and a cappuccino.  Come visit me sometime, and I'll take you there!

So, despite the rain, now we are in full packing mode, getting ready to go back to Marulaon village next week for an intense stay.

While Aaron and the kids pack, I'm peeling umalau/kumara/sweet potato for quiche while listening to a new CD from my mom (and loving Tricia Brock's version of "Jesus, I am Resting"!), trying to get back into the swing of the Christian music scene in the States, and probably playing the music way too loud while I peel in time to the music and be-bop around the kitchen.


Abi's Blog said…
The Rain Tree Cafe looks wonderful. The ?raw cocoa looks very interesting, too. Is their hot cocoa delicious? Or would it be lots stronger than we are used to? I'll miss you when you go back to Marulaon. I love reading your comments! Tell Sarah and Olivia when they come to the states - maybe we can decorate a cake together. :)
Oh I agree. The cafe looks very enjoyable. What a fun place to be. And what a cute little helper pictured.
The dB family said…
Joanna, you tempt me so :o). It sounds like a perfect day out! I'm glad you have some breaks in the heat and for beans on the curtains :o).


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