SITAG had to say goodbye to a faithful employee yesterday.  Everybody met for a farewell lunch punctuated with scripture reading
and singing a "good bye" song while Aaron played the guitar.  I was tempted to break out into Michael W. Smith's classic, "Pray for Me". 
We totally support sweet Frida's decision to move back to the village to be a full time mom and grandmother, but we are sure going to miss her.  We have no idea if or when we will see her again this side of heaven.

And, of course, we had lots of good food.

And Frida and her family got to go first!  You know what I enjoyed most?  Serving our Solomon Island neighbors who so often are serving us.

Here's what our SITAG family looked like yesterday - it changes all of the time as people come and go.  Really, that is one of the hardest things about living here, all of the goodbyes.  But


Bartokhound said…
Goodbyes are never easy. You guys really know how to do it well, though - music, prayer, love and FOOD! Sure makes me hungry - for music, prayer, love and all that great food!


Oh Joanna, I hurt for you. But you all love so well.
Cindy said…
Happiest of Birthdays to you, dearest Aaron. I am praying for your wisdom, words and strength and am confident that the Lord will use you to be a blessing for SITAG.

Joanna, you have a gift for making people feel loved. I am praying that that love comes back to you so that you know how well you are loved. I miss you.

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