Friday Fun

After school and after Aaron had payroll ready for SITAG employees, we all piled in the car for a quick bite of lunch (and a check of the sale racks at a Western grocery store - score on outdated orange juice and some outdated ice cream toppings!). 
Then we hustled to the airport and arrived just as the Solomon Airlines flight was taxiing up to its parking spot.  We were excited to welcome a new friend to Honiara today.

She must be either crazy or absolutely wonderful to fly all of the way from Germany to the Solomon Islands to volunteer her time and energy for two months to help in the office while SITAG is shorthanded.

On the way home, we noticed the clouds gathering and racing from West to East.  That means they were coming from the direction of our village!  As we pulled in the driveway, Savo began to get rain, and before too long, we were experiencing sweet, cool rain, too.

And rain always means a perfect evening for a sleepover, right?  We traded Benjamin for two girls and an "auntie" and enjoyed cucumber masks, banana splits, a movie, and lots of giggles to end a really fun Friday.


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