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Just for today...Monday, October 13
On my bookshelf..."In Search of the Lost:  The Death and Life of Seven Peacemakers of the Melanesian Brotherhood" by Richard Carter.  A really good peek inside the culture of the Solomon Islands and the tension that existed in the country in the first years of the 21st century.  Also relevant to our ministry because we serve among the Church of Melanesia.  It's hard to believe that these events happened in 2003.
One of my favorite things...cool hairdos that make me smile all day long.
A heart overflowing with thankfulness...for this trio of girls, my "pineapple princesses".
Crafting in the kitchen...we tried gingerbread oatmeal in the crockpot last night.  I think it needs a little bit more milk for a good consistency and some raisins for flavor, but it was a great way to start our Monday.  I love being able to use the crockpot when we are in Honiara!

One of my favorite things...The rich history we have here in the Solomon Islands.  This weekend marked the anniversary of the Battle of Cape Esperance.  That's where we live - the top corner of the Russell Islands.
Pondering these words..."The theme is everywhere in Scripture.  The wise person lives for what cannot be seen.  the fool lives to build another barn to store away what is perishing and useless in the world to come.  The wise person longs for spiritual blessing, the fool craves physical reward.  The wise person looks to eternity, the fool lives for the moment."  ~Paul David Tripp
A peek into my corner of the world...this amazing man has kept so many balls juggling in the last week.  Holding down three office jobs and still packing for the village while he continues to be a fabulous daddy and husband, I've never met anyone with more of a servant's heart.  But I won't be disappointed when he hands those office jobs back this week and can be just the Lavukal Translation Advisor again!


"Just"? And "just" husband and daddy :D

Well done!

Anonymous said…
I love the quote from Paul David Tripp. So very true in todays culture. So many hurting people who are looking at earthly things for happiness instead of to our Lord.

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