Friday, October 31, 2014

Wednesday, October 29

Having older children helps us unpack and clean so much faster.  We still have a few deep cleaning items left, like scrubbing the walls with bleach and cleaning each and every school book, but we were settled enough to start school today.  Aaron still needs to crawl up on the roof to see where we have a leak in our water pipes connecting the rain tank below to the barrels on top.  Being almost settled also means I get to go out and play with my friends! 
Marulaon - Mary and baby Rodney WED
My friend, Mary, had a baby boy while we were in Honiara.  She named him after her brother, Rodney, who died in June.  Four baby boys have been born to Marulaon women in the last few months.  One of them was just born Monday night, so I stuck my head in the door to find Melody feeding her new little boy under a pink mosquito net.  I only stayed long enough to tell her I was happy for her.
Marulaon - cutting kino WED
School aged kids are all at school during the week, but lots of younger children are running around Marulaon.  I found some boys playing in the shade and cutting kino (cutnuts) for a snack.  Mamas and aunties are often nearby, and I really enjoyed catching up with friends I haven't seen in three months.
Marulaon little girls WED

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