Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Home at Last

We pulled into our hometown on Wednesday, May 6th, and once again found ourselves overwhelmed at all of the helping hands.
We hit the ground running with a Locks of Love haircut for me, tons of boxes to be unpacked, and three of my five siblings who came to spend time with us.

One of the boxes that needed to be unpacked was Katherine's half size cello,

and this girl is super excited about learning how to play a stringed instrument.

Friday morning, everybody paused from unpacking and went to play a little bit at the bowling alley.

I kept my title as the air hockey champion, thanks to a few accidental goals given to me by my husband and my brother.
Since we had already signed our kids up for Kids Bowl Free,

we enjoyed a cheap and fun, stress-busting morning with our extended family!


Kecia said...

Welcome back!

Collegiate Vp said...

I feel me some Choate presence and Choate love and Choate cuteness in the air. So happy to know you arrived safely and I feel somehow closer to you knowing we're all breathing U.S. air.

Praying for you all as the transition continues - for all the joys and opportunities for growth it presents. I love that K has found a new friend in a cello. Wonderful! Has she named it?!