Monday, May 11, 2015

Sydney, Australia

We began our adventures in Sydney by successfully navigating the public transportation system to find a grocery late at night and God continued blessing our trip with an amazing trip to the Sydney Opera House on Friday.

The brass concert reminded both Aaron and me of our conducting classes in college.  We loved listening to the concert and watching the musicians as they played.  My face hurt from smiling through the entire concert.

That late night trip to the grocery store helped us save money with our picnic lunch outside the opera house, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge provided a beautiful backdrop.

We even got to watch people take the climbing tour of the bridge!

After lunch, we took the official tour of the facilities and got a sneak peak at one of the ballets that would be performing that night.  No pictures were allowed inside the buildings, but we enjoyed every minute.

Saturday, we had hoped to go to the Blue Mountains, but the rain changed our plans.

We headed to Sydney's Powerhouse Museum instead.


We had to re-familiarize ourselves with a smartphone

and how to take selfies!
Sunday morning, our amazing twelvesome headed out the door on time to the airport and got ready for our direct flight to Dallas.  We're so grateful that God provided the finances and the traveling buddies for some sweet transition time in Sydney!


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Bartokhound said...

Love the pictures, stories and those BRAIDS!