Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Other Side

After a little bit of time to catch our breath, get library cards, request new checks, all that good "moving in" kind of stuff,

we zipped off to visit Aaron's grandparents in their new home. 

Last summer they moved out of the house they had called home for almost sixty years.

Now they live in a lovely retirement village where everybody knows their names,

and soon everybody knew our names, too!

I hope I look this good at 88 and 90 years old.  Time with them was so precious.

Then we took a quick trip over to visit Aaron's Dad and Mom #2. 

We're in a season of quick visits with hugs and not a whole lot of time to sit and chat, but this couple were so gracious and made the most of every moment we had together. 
And we're planning on lots more time together in the future!

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Collegiate Vp said...

I love this post. So wonderful!

You mentioned hoping you look as good as A's grandparents at 88 and 90. I think you might enjoy this brief video. Make-up artists age a young couple and let them see one another (and themselves) in different seasons of life. It is rather emotional for them. Here you go: