Saturday, May 16, 2015

More Family Time

I'm so thankful for my siblings and parents who took time off work earlier this week
and made the effort to come down and spend some time with us for a few days.

We celebrated my nephew's fifth birthday a few days early,

and we laughed and played
until we thought we would leave puddles on the floor.

We paused on the unpacking and settling in

to record our memories so we wouldn't forget the sweet times together.

Then we slowly began to disperse back to Kansas

and Minnesota

and Maine.
But the sweet memories remained.

And our roots went down a little bit deeper.

The last thing we did before the final sibling dispersed was to break out the cellos.  Aaron doesn't have his back yet, so he grabbed Katherine's half sized cello and made it sound great. 
Hardwood floors and no living room furniture
added to our great sound!

1 comment:

Bartokhound said...

How did I not know you have a cello-playing sib?! Cool! Can't wait for Katherine to join the family orchestra - the von Choate Family Orchestra! ;-)