"Bloggy" becomes IRL in Little Rock

Sunday, we slowed down a little bit and worshipped together at East End Baptist Church, where Ann's husband is pastor.  Enjoying a potluck after church, watching some very exciting football on TV, and playing games together gave us the perfect Sabbath afternoon.
For supper, our Chinese fortune made us bust out laughing and disturb the restaurant.  Benjamin couldn't even keep a straight face, and we actually thought we was making it up when we announced, "Save the cookies!"

Monday morning, the three families met at the Little Rock Central High School visitors' center, one of America's national parks.  This part of history is extra special to me because two of my grandparents were teaching school in Little Rock 1957.
My grandfather taught at East Side Junior High School, and he received threatening phone calls meant to keep him from showing up to work.

My grandmother, who had just graduated with a degree in elementary education and had two young boys at home, intended to stay at home and nourish her family.  Instead, the overflowing Pulaski County schools asked her to come teach high school English at Mabelvale High School.

Both of my grandparents fully supported desegregation and courageously lived out their choices in the face of threats.  So this field trip made me angry, sad, & proud as I pondered what life must have been like for those grandparents I love so much.

Aren't these ladies on either side of me absolutely precious?!?  We had such a great time talking in the car or while we picnicked yet again.  Every conversation left me encouraged and energized.

All too soon, it was time to take Julie and Tate to the airport.

Katherine adopted Tate as another big brother, and he was such a good sport.  (She cried Monday night at bedtime, because she missed our wonderful guests so much!)

One last blurry selfie of my new IRL friend, and we sent the two travelers up the escalator to go through security.  Thank you so much, Julie, for being adventurous and taking the plunge to move from a "bloggy" friend to a real one.  I'm so glad you did!


quilt'n-mama said…
Looks like you all have an awesome time together my friend!
It could've been so awkward and uncomfortable for Tate and me to come into a group of friends with such a long/close history, but you all just welcomed us with open arms! We're so very thankful for your warm friendship and the fun memories we made.
What a great time we had!

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