It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

By this time of year, music teachers everywhere have been assigning and practicing Christmas music for weeks, if not months.

Katherine's Christmas music makes me smile especially big this year.  In part, because she has a "real" piano teacher, not just me.  But mostly I'm smiling because Katherine's music is a pretty to gaze upon as it is to listen to (please, don't stone me, all you grammarians!).
Published in 1937, Christmas Carols to Play and Sing contains beautiful illustrations and some unique harmonies.  This book is "eye candy" as well as "ear candy"!


Ann said…
Oh, you're right! It is pretty to look at! Wish I could listen, too! :) (And, by the way, I end sentences with prepositions, too.)
Lisa said…
Haha, we have been doing Christmas piano for a couple of months, or so it seems when we hear it everyday. Love those sheets on the line and that pretty quilt. Hugs, friend:-)

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