St. Louis

Our first stop was a lunch break in St. Louis to visit some dear friends who generously offered to provide a delicious lunch for our family.
Kyle is finishing up his degree at Concordia Seminary, and after lunch he gave us a tour of the absolutely gorgeous campus.
I'm loving autumn so much.  Seasons are one of the things I miss most when we are living in the Solomon Islands, and God has been gracious (SO like Him!) to give me some beautiful leaves and cooler temps.

 Kyle had to get to class, and we needed to get back on the road, so the visit was short and sweet.

We love these guys and their soft hearts toward what the Lord is doing in their lives.
As we drove out of town, we got to see both Busch Stadium and the Gateway Arch.  We didn't have the time to go up like the last time we visited St. Louis, but that was okay. 
We have more wonderful people to go see...


PM said…
I have been following your blog and several months ago noticed you had mentioned the name 'Gebauer'. Ended up I went to the same church as Rev. & Mrs. Gebauer- who had also been missionaries & in their late years came back to the south suburbs of Chicago. How fun to see your recent posts of your trip to St. Louis and Concordia Seminary. My brother is the President of Concordia! It really is a 'small' world and we found out how 'close' we really are- especially the body of believers!.

Pam Meyer
Choate Family said…
Concordia is a beautiful school and we've heard so many good things about it! Those Gebauers, every one of them, are precious people who follow hard after Jesus. We are so grateful for their friendship! Thanks for stopping by my scrapbook of a blog :-)
PM said…
Prayers are sent for your family and all the missionaries.

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