On the road again...

As we hit the road again this morning, I'm so thankful we've had a few days to be home and to enjoy some of the joys of a little calmer schedule.  Grateful for things like:

-Hanging sheets on the line with bright blue skies overhead
-Little hands making carrot messes

-Carrot messes turning into carrot molasses muffins to eat with enough left over to share

-Catching the family up on medical appointments

-Enjoying herbs and tomatoes that have decided to flourish now that the summer's heat has diminished
-Finding ways to use all those herbs in big batches of spaghetti sauce and basil lemon salad dressing
 -Finding a cute little inch worm (reminded me of "Slimy" from Sesame Street) on one of the many sprigs of oregano we harvested for the spaghetti sauce

-Getting morning snuggles underneath my gorgeous quilt from Julie

-Exercising and getting caught in the much needed rain with my delightful exercise buddy

-Sarah catching up on embroidery while I read "Mountain Born" (one of my favorites) out loud


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