Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cleaning the ERC

SITAG has a hidden treasure underneath one of the houses.

Most people would walk in this small room, take one look at the dust, sniff the musty air, and walk back out.

But those of us with children hold the Educational Resource Center close to our hearts.

The value we place on this hidden gem spurred us on to a big cleaning day. 

Each in-country member of the CHED committee, most of the SITAG kids, and two of our employees gathered this afternoon with dust rags in hand, ready to clean the dust and soot off the shelves and precious books.

We eradicated gecko eggs and spider webs, organized shelves, ate cookies, and worked together like a well oiled machine to protect our treasure.

Multiple generations tackled the work together.  And we tried not to read the books while we cleaned and repaired them.
What a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ, equipped with everything good for doing His will as He works in us what is pleasing to him (Hebrews 13:21).


Ann said...

Yes, I would have been terribly tempted to read the day away! :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm with Ann :D Well done, all of you!