Good Friday

Aaron and I drove down to the wharf today to find the Kosco and discover its travel plans for this weekend.  Unfortunately, the ship isn't going for the third week in a row.  So, Aaron will be trying to work out details to secure a motor canoe to come from Marulaon and rendezvous at the end of Guadalcanal.  We are so thankful for Henk and Margreet who are making this trip financially possible and are willing to loan Henk out for a few day of hard, intense, and hot labor in the village.

After learning information about ship, we drove over to visit with some Lavukal friends who live in Honiara.  Sarah made a big batch of hot cross buns this morning, and we wanted to share the buns.  We also printed the first trial copy of Aitum Ovovo (Daughter of the King) and wanted them to be the first ones to look over the book and make suggestions for its use.  We were delighted to learn that they have a new grandbaby.  Iggy is five months old and an absolute doll!  I wanted to bring him home with me.


Anonymous said…
That is ONE CUTE BABY! Glad you got to snuggle him. We had hot cross buns here and love them (well, I did; Shannon ate the top off and declared the rest "weird").

Choate Family said…
We put raisins in our hot cross buns to help them be yummy throughout the whole bun. Helps prevent the "eat-the-icing-off-the-top" syndrome! Miss you, sis!

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