Weekend Wonders (and a giveaway!)

Palm Sunday kind of snuck up on me.  With two botched attempts at getting Aaron and Henk out to the village (the ship didn't go again this weekend), other things have been crowding out this important celebration.  I did like attending the 6:00 a.m. service this morning and watching the sun come up.  And God gave us sweet rain after we got home and enjoyed Sarah's cinnamon rolls for brunch.  A sweet Sunday morning, indeed.
Friday night, our kids gave a small recital featuring the musical pieces and some of the memorization they've been working on since our arrival in the Solomon Islands.  Margreet took pictures, thankfully, since I turned on my camera to discover a dead battery.  We were super grateful for the adopted aunts and uncles who willing to come sit and listen to our kids.

The lovely coconut soap here is now packaged differently than it was when we left last year.  That is reason enough for a blog giveaway!  And supposedly, the soap is anti-ageing.  I think we should do an informal survey on that quality.  Especially since Katherine was looking at me funny while we were playing games this afternoon.  I asked her what she was thinking, and she said, "I don't want you to get old."  Then I realized she had been looking at my gray hair.  She likes to keep track of how many I have.

So, if you are interested in owning a few bars of Solomon Island coconut soap (which may or may not be anti-ageing), please leave a comment by Wednesday, March 23, midnight, CDST.  We ship just about anywhere!


Jolene said…
I think I could help you test out this anti-aging idea....maybe it will make my laugh lines retreat!
Oh dear, Katherine, it's inevitable! (Actually... consider the alternative ;D) My gray hairs are "hiding" with the blond ones, but they're definitely coming on in full force!
Miss you all,
Julie Pierce said…
Calling anything "anti-aging" is a great way to market it to westerners. :-) Is that the soap from coconut pacific? They really have changed their presentation.
love and prayers,
Ah Katherine, those grey hairs only show up because your mom has that lovely dark hair. Sometimes they pop in there when one is very young.

Only commenting because I am almost certain you would have free "shipping" if this is the comment that is picked.

Blessings to all of you. I do enjoy keeping up with the Choate's activities and am so very thankful for all of you and what you do.

quilt'n-mama said…
Sweet Katherine, Miss Gayly is turning gray rapidly! I also have someone who like to show me my gray hairs! I love the coconut soap in my soap bar holder here:)
The new packaging is very nice!
Sending the Choate Family big hugs!
Anonymous said…
Hey, my comment didn't show up! Well, I LOVE that coconut oil soap, and I LOVE you, so considered me entered for the drawing.

I could keep that niece of mine pretty busy counting gray hairs...

Cindy said…
Ha Ha! Tell Katherine that Nanny is wondering what is so bad about having gray hair and getting old! You don't have to send me soap because I still have some. I also LOVE my real coconut oil and use it almost every day. The scent takes me back to the village--grating coconut and the scent of wood fires. Sometimes, I sniff my coconut oil just to get that feeling of being there with you. :-)
Joy said…
I love keeping up with your family. You're being prayed for in California:-)
Anonymous said…
That's so sweet that Katherine is keeping track of your gray hairs. :-)
Does the soap have a scent?
I enjoy following your collective exploits on the blog here - and besides, with my parents on this side of the ocean, I have lost my main source for fun South Pacific things. ;-)

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