Homecoming. Again.

One of my favorite things about our SITAG family?


Whether we are crying together or laughing together,

working together or playing together,

or even taking some personal space at the same time.

But yesterday, that "together" time was spent the time waiting for the plane with some good fellowship and fun.

At last we were rewarded by yet another SITAG member disembarking from the plane and walking through the orange cones.

 We've missed her sweet smile and servant's heart.

Our family, our microcosm of the Body of Christ, just keeps growing!


Cindy said…
I love this post! When you moved to SI, I prayed that the Lord would send you friends, both to nurture you and be nurtured by you. How abundantly the Lord blesses--beyond what we could imagine.
Love the way you love each other :D

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