Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Noah is remembered as a man of faith because he built the ark, but to me, the real act of faith was lived out beneath that first rainbow.  Noah surveyed the empty, post-flood landscape and did not collapse under the weight of his to-do list.  Instead, he put one foot in front of the other and began, in faith, at the very beginning.  Sure of what he couldn't yet see, Noah cleaned up the mud.  He fed the animals.  He planted a garden.  He did this all by the light of God's colorful message." 
~Christie Purifoy
Last night's rain left diamonds on the banana leaves.  I discovered these jewels when I went outside to hang up laundry this morning.
The rain also cleared out the worst of the humidity.  Instead of the usual haze, I can see the nearby islands clearly.  And the fishing boats that congregate each night in the harbor like sheep herded into a fold.

Aaron called the Kosco's office yesterday morning before his meeting.  The ship still doesn't have the part it needs to run again.  Instead of calling and calling and stressing about the maybes and calling again, we've decided to delay our return to Marulaon Village until February 12.  That should give us enough time to know for sure and to proceed in an orderly, somewhat calm (if moving is ever calm and orderly!) way.

I'm so grateful for the extra week for Aaron to focus on the back translation of Ruth and Jonah and for me to keep chipping away at all of Sarah's paperwork for financial aid this fall.  Yay for the internet!  We refuse to "collapse under the weight of the to-do list" and commit to following Noah's example.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

What beautiful photos, and beautiful thoughts :D I've never seen it (in your photos) so clear! I hadn't realized you were so near the harbor - it seems so far away when it's hazy.

Glad you have the extra week :D

Nahna said...

Prayers continue in all the processes that need to be ongoing for each of you. God's timing is always perfect, even we do not see it.