Saturday, January 7, 2017

Settling in...

This week has been blessedly boring and normal.  Until Friday. 
We've been enjoying living in a different SITAG house this time, with a big, well-stocked kitchen and a beautiful view.  Each day has been a busy but routine mix of laundry and filling hungry tummies and school for the kids and paper work for Aaron and some running around town and some staying home.  This week was exactly what we needed coming off a chaotic village stay.

Yesterday, we continued some family traditions and invited our SITAG family over to watch "Amahl and the Night Visitors" (the 1985 version with Aaron singing Amahl) on Epiphany.  Sarah made a Three Kings Cake and hid a pecan in lieu of a ceramic baby Jesus.  Just after 4:00, one of the SITAG kids came flying down the steps to the house to tell me that Olivia had fallen and hurt her wrist.  I had just enough time to get ibuprofen and make an ice bag before my spunky Olivia came wailing into the kitchen, and one look at her swollen wrist confirmed that she was making a trip to the doctor. 
The short version of the story is that our amazing kids finished fixing supper while I went back and forth to the hospital and Aaron stayed with Olivia.  We still hosted our SITAG family for dessert, and Olivia got to join us.  After watching Amahl, Aaron and Olivia went back down to the hospital for the scheduled resetting of Olivia's wrist and the cast.  By 12:30, we were all in bed.  And this morning Olivia returned for another X-ray, as scheduled, but no technicians had arrived yet, so the doctor asked her to come back on Monday.  We're so grateful for the medical staff at Honiara's hospital, especially since we know how much they lack the supplies and personnel they desperately need.  And we're also thankful for our SITAG family and the many people around the world who have been praying for Olivia!

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Olivia! This is not the adventure you were looking for! But I'm glad to see the smile :D Know that we're praying for you.