Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gran Mollie and Grandpa T

This precious couple (and their famous waffles) have been welcoming our family into their home for more than twenty years.

They balance the chaos we bring with their gentle and quiet spirits, and they always provide a peaceful place for us to recharge in the midst of our travels.

Each morning I started my day sitting in this chair,

and looking across the room at this lovely cross-stitch. 

GranMollie's mother crocheted the beautiful scallops on the pillowcases,

and also fashioned the quilt under which Sarah and Olivia slept each night.

The blue material came from a dress, also made by her mother, that GranMollie wore as a little girl.  She still has the dress, with a row of little embroidered ducks, and she has a picture of herself in the dress.

One of my favorite parts of our visit was singing hymns together Monday morning while Benjamin played on the organ and GranMollie played on the piano.

GranMollie and Grandpa T are just more of God's grace poured on us when He brought us to DeLand to attend Stetson University
and Stetson Baptist Church.

Thanks for adopting us into your family!

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