A Continual Feast

One of our SITAG colleagues took advantage of the Choate Bed and Breakfast last week.  What a joy to pick her up from the airport and enjoy visiting for a while in our home.  Spending time with our SITAG family is a joy, no matter where we live.

We've also enjoyed having extra kids around and watching friendships renew.  No matter how well somebody has kept up using email while we've been overseas, there's nothing like going to the park or sitting down to play Ticket to Ride and hanging around for a boisterous supper.

Another thing that has been bringing me much joy is watching our kids get back in the habit of practicing their instruments. Especially when they work together.  This weekend holds early registration for Sarah's classes this fall, so the family will be driving up to help launch our firstborn.  Lots of good stuff filling our plates these days.  A continual feast indeed.


Kayla Paulk said…
No matter where the Choate B&B is located, it's a GREAT PLACE to visit!

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