Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Father's Day

When we move back to America, we get to live only a few minutes away from so many of our family members!  On Father's Day, we attended church with Aaron's side of the family and then enjoyed their company for lunch.

My parents joined us for supper that night.  It was a double Father's Day celebration!

The Monday morning after Father's Day, we drove over to visit with Aaron's dad and mom #2.  One of the highlights of that trip was looking through Aaron's grandfather's mementos of WWII.  I wish he was still around to talk about his experiences in the Philippines so many years ago.  

On the way home Tuesday afternoon, we walked out of the restaurant to discover that the van had a very flat tire.  So our drivers-in-training got a lesson in how to change a tire!  And then my awesome hubby who takes such good care of us took the van to Sears while the rest of us suffered at Barnes and Noble.

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Bartokhound said...

The family that suffers together, stays together. :-) Sorry you had to "suffer" at Barnes & Noble!