Monday, June 12, 2017

Rhythm and Rest

Our family is slowly settling into new patterns of rhythm and rest. 
Some of those patterns are well-worn and comfortable, like the morning routines of waking up, spending time with the Lord, exercising, and practicing music.  Finding chocolate striped tomatoes at the farmers' market was a delightful surprise this weekend!

We're regretfully cancelling the remainder of the longed-for sabbatical.  I think we didn't anticipate the abundance of "to-dos" that come with moving and resettling in a new place.  The small pockets of time we did take to renew and rest convinced us that we NEED to invest in more than just a weekly Sabbath at this point in our lives.
"To rule my time, to clear my mind was a choice of mental sovereignty, a reclamation of the direction, rhythm and source of my thoughts so that I could root them in the people I loved and the life I wanted to create.  I began to plan my hours of rest and work, my rhythms of fellowship and silence around what I believe to be the identity God means me to have as a lover of His people, a bringer of His kingdom, a maker of home." 
~Sarah Clarkson, "The Lifegiving Home"

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