Friday, June 8, 2018

"Besides self-denial, self-effacement, and a willingness to cooperate with God, a true servant puts his or her gifts at the disposal of the Master." 

My gorgeous farmers market discovery!

For the last year, the whole family has put our gifts into mama teaching orchestra.  God provided financially for our family through the sweet job while our older kids transitioned back to life in America.  Now it's time to focus again on Bible translation in the Solomon Islands and to throw everything we've got into getting our Lavukal friends the Bible in their own language.  

We've finally met the budget goal that Wycliffe has set for our lives in the Solomon Islands.  This frees Aaron to travel again and move forward on the translation project.  We still haven't met the budget goal for our time in America, but we are trusting God to be faithful to provide, just like He always has!

So we're excited to put August 26-September 16 on the calendar as Aaron's next trip to the Solomon Islands!  He's looking forward to reconnecting with the translation team.  We covet prayers as the puzzle pieces of this trip come together.

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