Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

"Encouragement and accountability are important parts of the truth application process.  Scripture makes it clear that we were never created to live in isolation.  God designed us to live in community, first with him and then with one another.  According to the Bible, personal change is a community project.  In fact, it is in the process of change that we really begin to see our need for one another.  My need for others is not because I am a moral or intellectual cripple in a world of healthy people.  Rather, God created us to be dependent on each other to live life righteously, just as he created us to be dependent on his revelation to interpret life accurately."  

Our morning did not begin well.  But because this guy is so patient, willing to work through problems instead of running away from, and lives out the above quote, the day slowly blossomed into something beautiful and strengthening.

Aaron obviously marked our four children with his image.  Some of them have his dimples, some his beautiful brown eyes, and some of them scored his spunky personality.  But he has also impacted them with his calm, steady presence.  His trustworthiness.  His love for their mama.  

What all of that really rolls into is this:  Aaron is a reliable image of our Heavenly Father.  Faithfully, he shows our children what God looks like.  Not just on Father's Day, but day in, day out, quietly, perseveringly.  And that is a legacy with eternal value.

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