Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Favorite Five

It's time for Friday Favorite Five (you are invited to join me in the comments!).  My favorite music today is "O Love" by Elaine Hagenberg.  I have my sweet Sarah to thank for introducing me to this lovely choral piece.

1)  Fromage Blanc from White River Creamery, just up the road.  Especially the Peach Jalapeno flavor - perfect for summer.

Even Katherine, who always thinks food is too spicy, loves this rendition of our favorite cheese.

2)  The Walk It Out podcast by Tricia Goyer.  Especially #106 which is an interview with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith about different types of rest:

Physical: The chance to use the body in restorative ways to decrease muscle tension, reduce headaches, and promote higher quality sleep.
Mental: The ability to quiet cerebral chatter and focus on things that matter.
Spiritual: The capacity to experience God in all things and recline in the knowledge of the Holy.
Emotional: The freedom to authentically express feelings and eliminate people-pleasing behaviors.
Social: The wisdom to recognize relationships which revive from ones that exhaust and how to limit exposure to toxic people.
Sensory: The opportunity to downgrade the endless onslaught of sensory input received from electronics, fragrances, and background noise.
Creative: The experience of allowing beauty to inspire awe and liberate wonder.

3)  The Great American Read.  What a fun booklist!  I tend to lean toward non-fiction for my pleasure reading, but the one hundred fiction books on this list have me searching the library shelves for the ones I haven't read yet.

4) My new exercise shirt.  Aaron and I enjoy our biking dates in the morning.  Spending time together pedaling is good for our bodies AND good for our marriage.  Though I do wish the shirt said "All I need is Jesus, coffee, and my bike".

5)  Lyrical Learning.  Even if you don't homeschool, these songs are fun and all sorts of facts get stuck in your head!  

From the website:

"We have a “dual brain” system. The left side takes care of organizing, sequencing and analyzing; language skills; mathematics and logical reasoning. The right side takes care of patterns, spatial relationships, and concepts; music, visual arts and poetry; intuition and holistic perception. Because of this, we can better retain and recall what we learn if we combine text with music — the text being processed and stored in the left side, and the music in the right. The concept of “dual-coding” or “multi-modal teaching” deals with using more than one mode (in this case, language and music). Several researchers have found that the use of music, songs, poems, and other musical mnemonics have greatly aided learning for slow learners and learning disabled children. But all of us can benefit from using both sides of our brain!"

Our younger girls were actually singing some of these just the other day and talking about how much they've enjoyed using them to supplement science.  Katherine is super excited that this fall she'll be using the Human Body book.

What are some of your favorite things today?

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