Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Around Town

Our family drove into town to spread a little bit of Christmas joy this afternoon.  First, we stopped by the hospital and walked down to Dr. Elizabeth's ward to drop off a big container of cookies (green Christmas tree shaped spritz and gingersnaps) to tell her and her staff thank you.

Then, we purchased some rice to send out to Marulaon for their Christmas feast since we won't be there.  The Bikoi was leaving around six o'clock, and it was about four o'clock, so we figured we could find somebody we knew headed out to the Russells.

While Aaron looked for somebody, I found a smiley baby to play with.  I wouldn't have minded bringing this cute one home!

Aaron never did find anybody from the Russells, so he found somebody else willing to make sure the rice got dropped off in Marulaon and went ahead and paid the freight charges.  We were a little disappointed not to find any friends.

However, as we pulled from the wharf onto the main street, Aaron spotted Julie and Atkin walking.  I hollered at him to pull up on the sidewalk, and I hopped out to visit for a few minutes.  They are also staying in Honiara for Christmas and trying to finish their Christmas shopping to send gifts out on the Bikoi to their kids in Marulaon.  What a gift to us to have a few minutes with friends from our village!

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The dB family said...

I hope the rice made it safe. That baby is adorable!!