Friday, December 30, 2011

Wearing many hats...

My husband is the best!  Not only does he work hard to learn Lavukaleve and serve as an advisor to the Lavukal translators, he has also been producing "picture books" that the translators prepared during our last trip to Marulaon.  These books will be used in the Kindys around the Russell Islands, and our hope is that the books will also get people used to reading Lavukaleve in preparation for readng the Bible.  Right now, the only reading material they have is portions of the Prayer Book.

One of the books is about a hungry giant, but it's also a counting book.  This page says something like "I could eat three fat tuna"...

And this one says, "I could eat five big houses."

The other book is about a fly who meets his demise on the end of a coconut broom.  I like this one because I can trace the same verb as it changes tenses throughout the book.  When Aaron was deveoping these books, he told the translators that this "easy reading" level was exactly right for him!  We're excited to take these books, along with some others, back to the Lavukal people in just a few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Who is your wonderful illustrator?

Choate Family said...

These stories were originally published in English in 1995 by the Solomon Islands Government as part of a series of "Nguzu Nguzu Stories" for Primary School. We are only one of several language groups using these culturally appropriate stories to promote literacy. One of our favorites is about a girl who eats a can of hot chili tuna and then has bad dreams :-)

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Ann said...

I love these illustrations!

The dB family said...

Those look like they will be books that will be enjoyed by one and old. I was going to ask about the illustrations too :o)!

Happy New Year!!