Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aaron came down with a mild stomach virus yesterday, so the kids and I finished up school while he stayed in bed.  But thankfully, today he is up and about and packing like crazy today.  I sure do love "Team Choate"!

Still no advances in the UUPlus village radio/e-mail system, so I'm enjoying the last days of technology and staying in touch with family and friends.  We also discovered that the Kosco no longer stops at Marulaon Village.  The ship will make a stop at a village about a ten minute motor boat ride away from our village, so we will be buying a little bit more petrol and praying that we have clear skies to unload our cargo.

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Bartokhound said...

How we love this family! Can't wait to see-touch-smell (yes!)-feel you in December!