Thursday, April 16, 2015

 My sweet Katherine has been fighting a cold all week, so this is what her school room looked like:

I've enjoyed the extra snuggles during school, but I'm so thankful she was feeling well enough today to go to the airport this afternoon with our SITAG family to greet some much needed administrative help from Germany.  We're excited to welcome Dieter to team SITAG!

Tonight was Olivia's night to cook, so as soon as she got home from the airport, she started in on food prep.  She also was cooking ahead for a tea party tomorrow, so she spent the rest of her day in the kitchen.  Her seared Asian tuna steaks turned out beautifully!


Bartokhound said...

OK. I cannot resist with one observatino and one very lame attempt at humor:

1) Joanna, those are not your feet with Katherine during schooling, right? Might they belong to a Gebauer?

2) And you welcomed a Dieter to SITAG? Good luck to that person, with all the decadent meals that the family concocts, along with the most decadent breakfasts. This Dieter will not be a dieter for long! ;-)



Anonymous said...


Does Katherine have four feet?



Bartokhound said...

HaHaHa, Liss! When I read your comment, I only then realized that yours was my very first thought: "Why does Katherine have four feet?!" Hilarious!

Bartokhound said...

By the way, for any of your linguists out there (ha!), "observatino" is Italian for "observation." ;-)



Choate Family said...

Those are my feet alongside Katherine's feet, you goofy people!

And Dieter ("Deeter") is from Germany. We're so glad he is here.