Monday, October 12, 2015

When "bloggy" becomes IRL

 Several years ago, Julie began e-mailing me.  She found our blog through Ann's blog.  Ann has been my IRL (In Real Life) friend since our husbands attended seminary together.
Julie e-mailed faithfully when we were in the Solomon Islands.  She was funny, loved Jesus, and asked thought provoking questions.  She wrote about her household, her weather, how homeschool was going, and though her persistence in writing even when I didn't return e-mails quickly, we began to forge a friendship.

I watched her cute little boys begin to grown up into handsome young men.  And Julie still wrote e-mails that sustained me through some rough times overseas. 

So when we unexpectedly needed to come back to the States, we hoped to be able to move our friendship from "bloggy" to IRL.  And Julie made it happen.  She was crazy enough to know that she and one of her sons would fit right in to our crazy mix.

And so the adventure of putting eight kids (ages 8-16) and three moms into some small spaces for a long time together began last Wednesday when Julie and Tate's luggage didn't make the connecting flight  (but they did).  Ann's awesome husband and my handsome hubby joined us for a few outings. 
Mostly, I'll just let the pictures tell the story of new friendships being formed and old friendships being cemented even stronger.

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