Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Bloggy" becomes IRL at Blanchard Springs


Friday morning, we loaded up all thirteen of us and drove to Blanchard Springs Caverns,
one of our favorite places to revel in God's amazing handiwork.

Our guide was funny and informative and helped us appreciate the formations and creatures with awe at what God had made.
By the way, my kids have the best dad in the world.

We all thought the soapy foot rinse at the end of the tour was pretty cool.  We want to do all we can to protect those little bats that eat insects every night!

Our kids were great about lining up for group photos throughout Julie and Tate's entire stay.

After the tour of the cavern, we paused for a picnic lunch.  With four teenagers in the group, we always had somebody who was ready to eat!  Especially when we had homemade chocolate chip cookies made from my mom's recipe.

On the way back, we stopped in  Mountain View for a treat at Woods Pharmacy and Soda Fountain
It's been three years since we visited the caverns and this fun little ice cream shop,

and we really enjoyed getting to introduce some new people to these really neat places to enjoy God's gifts.
After the beautiful drive home, full of fall colors in the hills, Benjamin went to his viola lessons, Julie and I picked up our CSA order (so thankful for that option!), then we worked on supper together.  I was so impressed with the way Tate just jumped in and helped. 
I don't know any teenage boys who would have so quickly become part of the family like he did!  My two little girls quickly claimed him as a big brother.

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