Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gettin' real!

Now that Aaron has plane tickets, we're beginning to move through the long list of what we need to do so that he is ready to go back to the Solomon Islands right after school starts.  I'm collecting material to send back to the lovely ladies in Marulaon Village.

We've also begun the process of renewing passports, scheduling physicals and shots.

Even though we still aren't at 100% of the budget Wycliffe has set for us while we live in the USA, we're prayerfully counting on God to provide what we need financially now that I'm not teaching school any more.

And we're doing our best to be good stewards of our resources - for example, our money, bodies, mind, time, energy, and home - so that when the time comes for the whole family (minus our college students, of course) to return overseas, we are ready.

Yesterday, we fortified the work crew with quiche, cinnamon rolls, bacon, and berries straight from the farmers market.  God gave us a perfect cloudy day with overnight rain, so the temps were low and the ground was soft as the shovels dug in to dislodge the concrete holding posts in place.

They worked hard with only a short lunch break to get that fence demolished.

We want to be good neighbors by keeping our property in good shape, and we want to take care of our renters down the road whenever we return to the Solomon Islands.  It really is about loving the Lord our God with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength.

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