Saturday, June 16, 2018

When we began teaching school many moons ago, we had no idea how fruitful those relationships would be!  It's awe inspiring to me to look back and see how God worked in our hearts, and how we are still reaping some sweet fruit from our first years of teaching.

Last Sunday, we left Memphis bright and early and drove over to Jonesboro to attend church with one of our former students.  Kathryn and her husband visited us in Dallas on their honeymoon ten years ago as we were packing and getting ready to fly overseas for the first time.

We were thrilled when not only Kathryn, but her sister Amy walked out of the door of the church!  Amy didn't know we were coming, and we didn't know Amy was coming, so it was a sweet surprise all around.  We filled up the pew at Highland Drive Baptist Church and made a joyful noise together.

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