Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Trying to be intentional as we navigate the transition from six to four means building new traditions.  Breakfast at Café on Broadway (where we drained three French presses of coffee)...

and ice cream at Pure Joy.  These places in Siloam Springs are going to help us make some touchstones and memories for our family in the future

But then we have to return to daily life as a family of four.  I think each of us has called out for Sarah or Benjamin at least once before remembering they are no longer in the house.  We are consoling ourselves with making beautiful food and using some lovely vintage dishes - but we only have enough for four.

Now that all of the hubbub has died down, we're also resuming the old comfortable ways of doing things.  Going to the farmers' market, starting back to homeschool, keeping a more regular schedule.  As we take care of our bodies and our spirits, we are finding that our hearts are following the other parts of us.

I think the best thing that we've done to help heal the huge hole in our family is to have our family videotapes transferred to digital.  We are laughing hysterically as we watch cute little Sarah and Benjamin's antics.  We're marveling in the fact that we have six of our children's great-grandparents on these videos.  And we are once again so very grateful for the full lives the Lord has given us.

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