Friday, September 3, 2010

The Story Behind the Stamp

Like any good organization, SITAG can boast many servants who stay in the background and work. Early Thursday morning, I found several men trimming errant vines and bushes...

...and several ladies working hard in the kitchen preparing lots of yummy snacks. Another SITAG lady who has been behind the scenes since the inception of this stamp celebrates with us from the States.

A collection of the finished Bibles and New Testaments.

The SITBLP (Solomon Islands Bible and Literacy Partnership) executive board with the Governor General.

From the program: "Following the dedication of 2008 as the Year of the Bible and recognizing the Bible translation efforts of more than thirty years, the Solomon Islands Philatelic Bureau proudly issues this stamp "Celebrating Bible Translation." In the words of former Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua, "There is no greater place to build the character of our people than from Biblical foundations and values."

"These beautiful waterclour illustrations tell the story of the arduous task of translating the Word of God (upper right) and after man years of hard work, the arrival of the printed Bibles. Symbolically representing the arrival of the Gospel to the islands (upper left), the bible is carried into the church on a ceremonial canoe. Following a thanksgiving service, the people rush to purchase the treasured Bibles (lower left). As the people read the Word of God in their heart language, it brings understanding and joy and refreshment (lower right).
"The open Bible in the center of the stamp block features two Bible verses, Hebrews 4:12 and John 17:17, taken from the Solomon Islands Pijin Bible which was launched in 2008."

Afterward, SITAG offered a tour of the new translation center which is coming along quickly!

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quilt-n-mama said...

Wow! The stamp is awesome!
Thanks for sharing. Hope you are all getting settled in Honiara for a bit and catching up on rest.