Monday, May 14, 2012

Avon Park

We haven't seen this precious family in almost four years, but they have been friends through thick and thin, through weddings and babies and brain cancer.

Aaron enjoyed borrowing Mike's cello for a little taste of practicing.  He sounded much better than I think I will sound when I finally get to hold my cello again.

We played games together...

enjoyed a big sleepover..

and worshipped together Sunday morning.

Twenty-nine hours together was NOT enough!

 And when we finally made ourselves pull out of the driveway,

 I kept a straight face.  Until I saw my sweet friend Joy dissolve in her husbands arms.  Then, I lost it, too.

Katherine expressed what we were all feeling when she said, "Mama, it's sad to my heart."  At least it won't be four years before we see them again.  We love you guys!

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