Sweet Sabbath

What a weekend!  Every little thing still feels like a BIG celebration...thank you, Lord.

-celebrating another birthday (this time surrounded by my extended family)

-worshipping together at Antioch Baptist Church, where I grew up

-watching my kids play games with their aunts and uncles

-spending time with my beautiful mama and sister, two peas in a pod

-both of my grandmothers who somehow found the time and energy to celebrate my special day

-enjoying supper at Stoby's, a family favorite for years within walking distance of my parent's house

-introducing my kids to Stoby's cheese dip

-all but one of the Williams' clan (we missed you, Daniel!), notice I'm the short one

-my girls goofing off in my mama's gorgeous hydrangeas

-unexpectedly getting to eat lunch with a cousin and his wife, whom we'd never met since they got married while we were overseas


Abi's Blog said…
Love that Stoby's! Don't forget to spend a little time in the Kitchen Store - another of my favorite places in your hometown! :)
Anonymous said…
Just returned from out-of-town and noticed your birthday on the calendar! Happy belated birthday, sweet friend! It was a blessing to see the pictures of you with those who love you so much and have loved you so well for so long!!!


Jolene said…
Awww ~*Happy Birthday*~ I think the family time is the best earthly gift ever! We are always loving the family time above anything else!
quilt'n-mama said…
Looks like agreat weekend! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Looks like your are savoring lots of good things!

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